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CNC Machined Tooling

There are many benefits to investing in a CNC machined aluminum rotational molding mold. The mold accuracy is very good, lead times are shorter, parting lines are finer, and heat transfer is uniform.

Machined tools are able to have tighter tolerances than fabricated and cast molds because sections of the tool are constructed by fitting them together rather than welding them. This results in fine witness lines which are often hidden by the texture created on the surface.

CNC machine tool & 3D design

A 3D model is required to design the tool and program the tool cutting paths. The programming process can take up to 4 days to complete. However a larger proportion of the lead time savings are achieved by avoiding the model and pattern making process that is required to build a cast rotational mold.

CNC machine tool & Mold making

Multiple layers of the mold are machined in sections when the depth exceeds 4”. One of the advantages of CNC machining a mold is that features such as engravings can be machined directly into the tool rather than being completed as a secondary process.

Parting line match, fasteners, framing and surface finish

The parting line matching process is more accurate than a fabricated and cast tool because the location is programmed into the tooling design. in addition, the fastening, framing and surface finish is similar to the other tooling processes. However, CNC tools are able to maintain a more durable polished finish when required.

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