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Our team of experts will take your project from concept to final 3D design. Making sure the product is feasible for rotational molding.

Rotomolding Design and Product Development

Roto Dynamics’ turnkey service is optimized with the objective of getting your product concept to market as quickly as possible. working with our team is simple and personalized and our track record in developing hundreds of different products should give you confidence when working together. Take a look at our “Projects” page.

Rotational molding is a versatile plastic manufacturing process which has inherent design strengths  over other manufacturing processes. During the product development phase we will ensure that the process advantages are incorporated in your product design to maximize the product performance.

Every project has to start somewhere and this is one of the ideal prints to be when creating a path for your product development cycle. We will provide you with the options and answers you need to cut costs, enhance appearance, improve functionality and increaser yield.

rotomolding product development

Rotational Molding Design Guide

Rotational molding has a unique set of design guidelines. Here is a basic rotational molding design guide to help you get started. For a more extensive review of your design please contact us.

Product Development
product development with Solid-works

SolidWorks 3D Modelling and Analysis

No matter where you are in the design phase, our design partners use the most current version of Solid Works with FEA packages to offer a total concept solution.

Sales and Customer Service

Sales and Customer Service

Wherever you are in the project phase we suggest that you start by contacting our technical team to setup an in person or online meeting to discuss your project.

We will help turn your vision into reality

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