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About Roto Dynamics

For 20 years our commitment to our core values has made working with Roto Dynamics the ideal rotational molding partner for innovative companies nationwide.

By committing to our clients’ vision we have successfully enabled our customers to create innovative, rotationally molded plastic products. Using creative design methods, high quality CNC machined tools, the latest technology biaxial rotational molding machines and highest quality resins in the industry; we are able to create high quality reliable rotomolded products.

We recognize that our clients are in a competitive market where cost, quality and lead times are paramount. Having an expert in the rotational molding design and manufacturing process is ideal; making Roto Dynamics an ideal partner. Our easy to work with team will walk you through the rotomolding process, from the design phase to production and logistics. We understand the value of uncompromising customer service and do our best to create an experience that is unparalleled.

Specializing in the custom rotational molding process has provided us with a set of capabilities that a handful of rotational molding companies possess. Our success has come from an early understanding that customer satisfaction is what keeps the company growing and keeps our team excited.

We have the ability to mold complex rotomolded parts with a range of plastic resins, colors, textures, threaded inserts, foam fill and molded-in graphics.

Importance of Process Sustainability

Sustainability and our environment is also of great importance to Roto Dynamics. We recycle excess and scrap products to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing process. Our facility is also equipped with energy saving lighting and systems to reduce water consumption.

By working with our reprocessing partners we recycle approximately 200,000 lbs of plastic waste a year. All offcuts are collected from our process and recycled for use as post-industrial plastic polyethylene resin. This means 200,000 lbs of plastic is re-used for prime grade rotomolded products and diverted away from landfill.

Below are some images showing the phases through which the scrap plastic goes through until finally being molded into a plastic planter tray.



Ground Scrap

Ground Scrap

Reproccessed Scrap

Reproccessed Scrap

Planters produced from reprocessed scrap

Planters produced from reprocessed scrap
Rotational molding

Excellent Customer Service

Our team’s focus on communication is what makes us reliable. If you contact us you can rest assured that someone will get back to you.

Certified Rotational Molders

All operators are certified and cross trained to safely operate our equipment and your tools. Tool operation is crucial to ensure tool longevity.

No Hidden Cost

All costs are provided in advance of an order being placed. No surcharges are placed after the quoting process has been completed.

Competitive prices

Prices are affordable and take into account what your requirements are; quality is not sacrificed.


We will help turn your vision into reality

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