Roto Molding Design
Roto Molding Design
Roto Molding Design
Roto Molding Design
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From Design to Drop Ship

Roto Dynamics offers you a full range of rotational molding services from design, development, mold making, rotational molding and additional services such as assembly and machining.

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Across Industries

We serve a wide range of industries ranging from medical devices to aerospace products.

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Our mission has always been to listen to our customers and treat each partnership with a custom approach.

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A Team

Collaboration is what allows our clients’ ideas to become reality.

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  • Why Choose Roto Dynamics for Rotational Molding?

  • Are you looking for a Roto Molding company? For 20 years our commitment to our core values has made working with Roto Dynamics the ideal rotomolding, rotational molding partner for innovative companies nationwide.
    By committing to our client’s vision we have successfully been helping our customers create innovative rotationally molded plastic products. Using creative design methods, high quality CNC machined tools, the latest technology biaxial rotational molding machines and highest quality resins in the industry; we are able to create high quality reliable rotomolded products.

Product Development

Product Development

Finding an experienced Roto molding company is not an easy task. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, taking your project from a concept, to 3D design and finally to an assembled prototype. Making sure along the way that your product is able to be manufactured using the rotational molding process.

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mold making

Mold Making

There are 3 types of mold making services we can provide. Ranging from cost saving options such as a fabricated rotomolding tool to high precision CNC machined rotational molding tools. Based on the requirements of the project our experts will help you make an informed decision.

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rotational molding

Rotational Molding

Roto Dynamics has the ability to produce anywhere from 50 to 20 000 units per year. Using lean manufacturing principles we can efficiently meet your assembly and post operation requirements.

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Roto Dynamics has a 30,000 sq.ft. facility and a secured covered outdoor storage area which enables us to offer our clients blanket order fulfillment, storage space for sub assembly components, parts and tools.

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In addition to having our own trucks, the Roto Dynamics logistics department has developed a long standing relationship with various 3PL’s so that the most competitive shipping rates can be offered across the country.

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request a quote

Request a Quote

Contact us today and request a quote online. We want to be your single source partner for all your rotational molding needs.

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Our Rotational Molding Projects

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In a competitive market where cost, quality and lead times are paramount. Our rotational molding company will walk you through the rotomolding process, from the design phase to production and logistics.

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Looking for a Roto Molding Company? There aren’t that many rotational mold makers, rotomolding companies that can offer the quality and manufacturing process that we offer.  Call us today or fill our our online inquiry from to get in touch with our experts at Roto Dynamics! We are here to help and excited to be your single source partner for all your roto molding needs.
Address: 1925 N Lime St. Orange, CA 92865 | Tel: (877) 768-6585

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