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Rotomolding Product Assembly

Rotomolding Product Assembly

As part of Roto Dynamics’ turnkey manufacturing service, we offer our clients complete rotomolding part assembly, packaging and drop shipping of their product. For a large portion of customers, we manage the procurement, stocking and assembly of all sub assembly non rotomolded components.

Some examples of the assembly services requested include installing threaded fittings, hinges, casters, latches, decals and wheels. By having Roto Dynamics complete the product assembly, cost is reduced and waste is minimized. We will even create a set of work instructions with a process matrix so that operators can be cross trained and perform the same set of procedures in a consistent and reliable way.  This is an example of what a set of work instructions make look like for a complex assembly; if your assembly process is complex we can train qualified team members to follow a set of work instruction procedures using the correct tools and quality assurance methods.

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