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Quality Control

Closely monitoring the process variables of the rotomolding process is a key aspect to maintaining a good quality part finish. In addition to this, defining what is ‘critical to quality’ provides customers with a tailored inspection process which meet their needs. This means that customers’ quality requirements are translated into specific measurable requirements that are used to deliver a high quality product. Our quality control and product development staff will identify each customer’s CTQ and clearly lay this out in a set of “Acceptance Criteria & Inspection” reports.

Each departments is provided with a specification sheet and quality assurance checklist. For example a machine operator will be provided with a specification sheet which calls out the part weight, wall thickness, resin color and resin compound. A quality checklist informs the operator to be aware of known potential issues that may arise and which forming fixtures to use once the part has been de-molded. Any non-conformances that occur are documented and closely monitored for continual improvement purposes.

Rotomolding Process Quality Control

Roto Dynamics, one of the best rotomolding companies, uses the most up-to-date equipment available to ensure that these process controls are being adjusted in a manner which meets the part tolerances that are specified. Instruments such as:

Wireless Thermocouples: Used to transmit data to a laptop, providing information about the internal temperature of the mold. This is a proven scientific method in determining when the plastic is fully cured.

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