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Deep See Submersible

Project Description

This project was in conjunction with a University which had developed a submersible float capable of measuring ocean conditions at depth of up-to 20, 000 feet. Our goal was to create a thick rotomolded housing which could work in conjunction with a complex assembly able to withstand the pressure of being submerged to those deep depths. Part of the process required us to machine custom CNC fixtures for trimming and fit testing.

The customer requested that we meet tight tolerances which in turn required a CNC machined mold. We were able to complete the mold in a short lead time of approximately 6 weeks and have a sample shipped to the customer within 2 days. There were various fixtures that were built to maintain the inside dimensions of the part as well as a custom drill to reach a hard to access area.

Overall the customer was delighted with the product they received and the product is performing well monitoring ocean temperatures.

Work Scope

  • Expedited CNC machined mold.
  • Critical Dimensions.
  • Thick plastic wall.
  • Custom color match.
  • Go/no-go gauges
Scientific Device

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