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Robotic Delivery Rover

Project Description

The project began when an established product design firm made contact with our sales team to assist them with design adaptations for their client’s new product. Being at the forefront of their industry the customer wanted to push the limits of the process, so it was critical that we were able to set realistic expectations and meet them.

The product is a delivery rover which carries a critical payload. People’s lunch and dinner! The chassis for the robot needed to be robust, have a high gloss finish for adhesion of graphics and had various detailed cutouts with precise locations. The product had a multitude of electronic, metal and plastic sub assembly components which all had to fit together; so it was critical that the tight tolerances were met on this product. Various CNC machined fixtures were produced to hold the tolerances of the part as well as to verify dimensions as part of the outgoing inspection process.

Once the rotomolded chassis had been manufactured, custom foam packaging was produced using our foam manufacturing capabilities to safely transport the product to the graphics application company.

The mold for this project was a high quality CNC machined tool and with a mirror surface finish. Mirror surface finishes are delicate and require a great deal of care during production.

Work Scope

  • Expedited CNC machined mold.
  • Critical Dimensions.
  • High gloss surface finish.
  • Custom formed foam packaging.

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