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Project Desciption

Our client is an expert in sheet metal fabrication, however he wanted to create a unique product for a very specific market.

At the time they were not familiar with plastic manufacturing processes and needed a partner to collaborate with. Through internet research they identified that rotomolding was the ideal process for their product and after contacting us, agreed to collaborate with us.

Our design experts created a range of rotomolding design concepts which had various functional design features which the client requested. Not only were the designers able to improve the functionality, but they were given the freedom to enhance the appearance.

Once a final concept was chosen, our design experts worked with the client’s metal fabrication team to create a metal subassembly unit to install within the rotomolded product. As a full service turnkey rotational molding company, we managed the design, tool making, manufacturing, assembly and logistics of the product.

Work Scope

  • Concept Sketches
  • 3D Modelling.
  • Design assembly based on customer requirements.
  • Build cast aluminum tooling for case and lid.
  • Rotationally mold case and lid
  • Source subassembly components
  • Assemble casters, drawer assembly and install into case.
  • Custom package and palletize for shipping.
  • Logisitics

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