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Food Truck Wash Station

Project Desciption

The customer developed a system which was setup to deal with heavy use within a mobile kitchen environment. It consisted of a clean water and waste water reservoir with fluid level sensors. It had several requirements which made it useable while the entire system was in motion.

Originally the customer designed the two tanks for metal fabrication, but was familiar with the benefits of rotational molding process. The ability to add threaded fittings, install fluid level sensors and mold in inserts was a huge benefit to making this project scalable.

After having 3 design review meetings with our designer, a revised version of the file was created which included sheet metal bracketry for mounting the tanks within the assembly as well as a review of the bulk head fitting locations and spinweld requirements.

Work Scope

  • Design conversion, metal to plastic.
  • Expedited tooling in 4 weeks.
  • Source threaded fittings and spinwelds.
  • Design sheet metal bracketry for mounting reservoirs.

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