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ADA Accessible Planter

Project Description

Bowling hoods are a very visible feature in a bowling alley and house various moving mechanical parts. Most are manufactured from fiberglass or rotomolded plastic.

The customer wanted a scalable manufacturing process which would allow them produce relatively high quantities at a competitive price. Fiberglass has a high per unit cost and the heavy weight of each part adds to freight costs.

Not only did the client want to convert their product to a rotomolded plastic. They wanted it to have a recognizable feature that would give it brand identity. This can sometimes be achieved with the simplest of design changes. The customer provided a basic sketch from which our designers were able to work from. After creating a few concept sketches the customer was clear in what direction they wanted to go. We manufactured cast aluminum tooling in 8 weeks and a first article for review within 2 days.

Work Scope

  • Design conversion, wood to plastic.
  • Concept sketches.
  • 3D Modelling.
  • Aesthetic surface finish.
  • Customized packaging for shipping.

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