Rotational molding is an ideal process for manufacturing chassis/ Cases for electromechanical assemblies or products requiring an aesthetically pleasing exterior. The rugged properties of rotomolded plastic products offer good impact resistance, chemical resistance and variety of aesthetic properties such as color or graphics. The added benefits of using rotomolding include design advantage, cost advantage and time advantage.

Design advantage - The ability to use 3D cad drawings in the mold making and molding process allows consistent tolerances to be produced from part to part. When compared to metal fabrication design creativity is easier to express when using the various methods available to plastic designers.

Cost advantage - Metal fabricated chassis are costly when compared to high quality rotomolded plastic parts. The ability to run short batches of parts minimizes setup costs.

Time advantage - Rotomolded parts are all made from a fine resin which is readily available and stocked, therefore lead times on resources are short and 5-8 parts can be run in a single shift.

The advantages listed above are not the only reason why rotomolding should persuade you to use our process; look at the products around you and you will notice that many machine chassis are rotomolded.