Metal material handling carts can be bulky, costly and an eye sore. With limited design capabilities it does seem logical to manufacture these in rotomolded plastic. The ability to add ribs and increase the aesthetics of such a product in 3D CAD software enables us to reduce weight, save cost, increase durability and provide a quality product. Not only does polyethylene not rust but it is a hydrophobic compound which gives its non-porous characteristic.

The concept of adding casters may be interpreted as a financial hurdle however with little to no difficulty inserts are molded in place to accommodate the relevant size thread. This avoids having to create a costly stainless steel metal or wooden frame for the wheels base and also avoids the possibility of rust or rot. There are several advantages gained from using a polyethylene, for example high density polyethylene has a high impact resistance and good environmental stress crack resistance therefore providing the product with the ability to have a long lifespan.

Roto Dynamics Inc. also has the capability to rotomold 4-way fork lift accessible bins for material handling. Whether you are looking for a stackable bin one that requires casters or is fork lift accessible, RDI can make it.