When working with customers who are in the design phase of product development and are unsure about which process to use, we do our best to recommend an alternative process if Rotational molding is not suitable for the product in development.
Take for example Mike. He came to Roto Dynamics with an innovative idea and was almost certain he wanted to rotomold his part. We sat with Mike in a design meeting and discussed all potential processes for his part and which would suit his budget constraints, lead times and product form/function/fit. We came to the conclusion that rotomolding was the correct plastic process to make his product and began the designing the product. Below is an image of the final design:

Rotomolded part:

Full Assembly:

After Mike had received his design, the feedback he received from potential distributors at tradeshows was so good that his output requirement had increased dramatically to 500 parts a week. At this point we suggested another plastic process he could use and this was the final product after moving in this direction: