The likelihood of someone coming across a rotomolded part in day to day activities is highly likely if not almost certain. Whether you are driving to work or going on an action packed water sport vacation, it is more than likely that you will come across a rotationally molded plastic part.

Rotationally molded plastic parts play an important role in traffic safety and signage and it is common for rotomolders to manufacture these types of products; these parts include products such as crash barriers, traffic safety cones, parking meter chassis and rail guards.

Even in sports activities many products are rotomolded due the versatile properties of rotomolded plastic. Parts such as Kayaks are rotomolded due to the robust properties of rotationally molded plastic and the ability to manufacture a hollow part with uniform wall thickness. Buoys in particular take advantage of the hollow property which allows foam filling to take place providing the buoy with positive buoyancy. This is also the case with pontoons which can be used to make interlockable floating docks.