The noted cradle to cradle industrial pattern created by William McDonough and Michael Braungart is a pattern Roto Dynamics has noted and has attempted to implement in areas where it is feasible. An important concept in cradle to cradle is the discouragement of downcycling and the importance of upcycling; this can be very difficult to follow in Rotational molding due to the properties of plastic and the manner in which the complex chemical structures behave. However, wherever possible we have attempted to assist our customers in developing products while bearing in mind the importance of recycling and reusing wasted material.

Waste collection and reprocessing is an activity RDI have used in order to do their part in assisting environmental preservation. Rather than throwing excess plastic into the trash where it is disposed of in landfills or combusted, RDI reuses this waste in viable product applications. However, this comes at a cost; various processing methods are required to convert the waste into a reusable plastic resin but RDI believes that the benefits outweigh the costs.