There are typically two types of impact tests, pendulum and falling weight. The 3 most common variations of the pendulum test are Izod, Charpy and tensile impact test.

The Izod test consists of a rectangular beam held vertically at one end whereas the Charpy test consists of a horizontal beam which is held horizontally and is fixed at two ends.

The impact strength of a part can be influenced by several variables such as room temperature, minimum temperature, material melt index and outside surface temperature. The environment in which the product is being used should comply with the specifications provided on the technical data sheet (TDS).

Complex mathematical models are frequently used in CAD programs in order to provide a stress analysis of a part. There are two approaches which are used; the first analyses the structural response to an applied load when considering time and temperature dependent variables. The second approach is a technique called finite element analysis (FEA). FEA is used to solve complex temperature dependent, loaded structures and is incorporated as a tool in many programs such as Solid Works.