A majority of rotationally molded plastic parts require that they have chemical resistance. There are various phases of chemical attack that can occur one of those being a direct chemical reaction with environment within which they are operating. Roto Dynamics manufactures a variety of industrial products which require various chemical resistances; take for example, a tank which is used in the chrome plating industry. There is a requirement that the tanks can hold a concentration of 30% Hydrochloric Acid for a period of 60 minutes and must not degrade. A carefully selected resin was identified by expert resin manufacturers in order to prevent degradation such as environmental stress cracking; as well as having a good ESCR it was important for the resin to have a heat deflection temperature above 70 degrees Celsius.

Many products manufactured at Roto Dynamics Inc. are used outdoors, e.g. RV Tanks, fluid storage tanks and playground equipment. Plastics are sensitive to ultra violet radiation and are not the most stable when exposed to high levels; additives which provide UV stabilization allow such products to be used in these conditions.