Roto Dynamics Inc. offers a secondary operation foam filling process. We are able to provide rotomolded parts with increased rigidity, insulation and buoyancy properties where required.
Depending on what your goal is, foam with a specified density can be chosen to give your rotomolded parts the properties they require; should it be an ice cooler requiring insulation properties or a float requiring positive buoyancy RDI has the capabilities to add this feature to your product.

The patented cooler unit shown below is filled with rapidly expanding environmentally friendly two part polyurethane foam. This foam is closed cell and nontoxic, not to be confused with open cell poly urethane foam which can be toxic. The high density foam gives the cooler unit additional insulation and reduces the rate at which heat is dissipated to the internal cavity.
As part of our contribution to environmental sustainability, RDI takes advantage of the foam recycling program offered by our foam suppliers.


  • Increased part Strength
  • Improved insulation
  • Buoyancy properties
  • Various densities to choose from