Our success depends on working closely with our customers.

Design Development

  • We have the capability to assist clients in analyzing rotational molding as a viable option for their products (this includes product design, tool fabrication, product feasibility and costing)
  • Time is of the essence: Tools can be run with minimum set-up costs and rotomolded parts can be virtually shipped out the same day.
  • Close working relationship with mold makers and designers.



  • Providing short runs for small orders.
  • We have rotational molding machines for continuous and batch production of parts.
  • We can fine tune your tools with proto-type production runs.
  • We have facilities for fabrication, welding assembly and secondary operations as per clients needs.
  • Inserts, Mold in graphics, Specialty Colored resins and a variety of inserts ranging from spin welds to threaded knurlings.
  • Color matching.


Assembly and Dispatch

  • Warehousing and distribution.
  • Inventory management system.
  • We have the facilities to hold inventory of parts and manage third party shipping


Production Capabilities

  • Ferry 190 4-arm turret Rotational Molding machine.
  • Ferry 220 3-arm turret Rotational Molding machine.
  • Grinding / Welding apparatus for mold maintenance and fabrication.
  • HAAS CNC Mill Center.
  • HAAS CNC Lathe with bar feeder.
  • Cincinatti Mill Center with 90 tool changer.


Quality Policy

Roto Dynamics Inc. is committed to meeting the requirement of its customers by continually produc ing quality parts at competitive prices. Quality checks and procedures are carried out at all stages of the production process.