Customers’ New Molds
The rotational molding process allows certain metal fabricated parts to be converted into cost effective high quality plastic products. Roto Dynamics does not produce proprietary products and is 100% committed to its customers’ needs.
Technical molding
Roto Dynamics possesses the ability to mold technically demanding parts which require a series of secondary operations.
Short Batch & Continuous
Roto Dynamics’ ability to carry out short production runs when there is a demand for parts enables us to be flexible to our customers’ needs.
Rotational Molding
Our high tech facility can meet all of your rotational molding needs.
Why Rotodynamics Inc.
With years of experience and a state of the art facility, we can fulfill all your needs.
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  • Customers’ New Molds
  • Technical molding
  • Short Batch & Continuous
  • Rotational Molding
  • Why Rotodynamics Inc.

Welcome to Roto Dynamics Inc.

Roto Dynamics Inc. is a Southern California based Rotational Molding House, Company, which specializes in the production of custom rotationally molded plastic parts. We produce an array of products for various industries ranging from, material storage units, automotive accessories, fluid treatment systems and water tanks.

With the experience gained from manufacturing a large portfolio of products we are confident that we can assist you in the design development and production of your rotationally molded plastic parts.

Our Services include; Rotational molding, custom battery box, Custom material handling, custom plastic product, Custom plastic tanks, Manufacture plastic products, Rotocast, Rotomolded tanks, Rotomolding, and Vacuum molding.

1925 N Lime St.
Orange, CA 92865